As of Thursday 5th November, our country and therefore our Community returns to full “Lockdown” status.  Here at Eternal Benefits, our aim is to continue to provide support to those in need while ensuring their safety by adhering to the health and safety restrictions and sanctions imposed by our government.

Depending on the availability of Charitable Food Donations, our Food Bank will continue to operate from our shop and donate provisions to those in need. Due to the increased risk of infection to both our staff and customers, access to the Food Bank will be restricted in line with government sanctions. Customers will not be admitted without face masks and will be required to social distance and sanitise their hands upon admission. Queueing outside will be discouraged unless social distancing rules are followed. Alternatively, customers will be given time slots of when to attend for their supplies.

In the interest of public safety, please avoid bringing children whenever possible. Children who need to attend due to childcare should be encouraged to wear face masks, sanitise their hands, and comply with social distancing restrictions.

Our essential Furniture and White Goods Service will remain available to those in desperate need or crisis. Collection of donated essential goods and deliveries will continue to fulfil this need. Our drivers and colleagues will continue to follow COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing in order to keep themselves and customers safe.   

Our Swop Shop will remain open daily from 10am to 3pm for Essential and Emergency items. We will operate using a locked-door system by which individuals in need, wearing the appropriate protection of a face mask can ring the door bell and having sanitised their hands, be admitted to the shop, once the safe amount of customers and staff permits this. 

These are troubling and uncertain times and here at Eternal Benefits we pray that our Community will continue to unite to help support and protect those most at risk and individuals and families in need.  

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